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May 17 Women’s DIY Classes


In May we will be offering 2 classes. The American flag class sold out twice so we are going to offer it again. You can sign up on my site. The other class we will offer is this simple side table.  After talking to the girls at my classes today, I have decided to offer a class making a piece of furniture. It does cost more but they were willing to pay more for a bigger project. It measures approximately 30 inches tall and 38 inches wide. We will have a 3:00 and … [Read More...]

Last week sucked. It really, really sucked.

It’s not very often that I actually sit down and write about my personal life. Let me start with saying I have never really experienced sexual harassment in my life, not that I realized at the time anyway. I am not sure where to start really but I want to write about it so I don't forget it. Not because it was a good experience but because I hope next time I recognize it right away and put a stop to it immediately. I think of my sister as a tough girl. She will knock out your teeth (she is … [Read More...]

Holy Picking Batman!!


Usually I work from home but this last month has had me out in the field a LOT!!  This is super exciting to me.  3 months ago I got my truck wrapped and I have started to get calls from people who have barns that they want taken down.    … [Read More...]



Ace and I went to Florida this weekend to paint a friend, Michelle's,  kitchen table.  It is 7 feet across and has a huge lazy susan in the middle.  I used Pure White Annie Sloan decorative chalk paint and 3 layers of top coat. We added some stencils to the lazy susan.  Michelle has 10 chairs at the table so just for fun we added numbers to the chairs.     … [Read More...]

Painted slate floor


Our house has several rooms with slate or broken tile flooring.  I have wanted to paint them for three years and finally dared to do it.  It turned out perfectly!  I used Graphite and Old White Annie Sloan decorative paint. … [Read More...]

Recent barn wood signs and ceiling


December was so crazy busy that I forgot to take pictures of almost everything barn wood that I made.  Here are a few I managed to get shots of. :) … [Read More...]

A dirty little secret…


I am 36 years old and I have never cleaned my oven!  Once it even caught on fire inside.  Still I did not clean it!  When I was about 8 years old I spilled grape juice on the living room rug.  I tried to clean it up myself so my parents would not find out.  I accidentally used oven cleaner and it bleached the whole area on the rug.  I think I have just been scared of the stuff ever since.  At least thats the excuse I'm using and I'm sticking to it!! I tried a couple of different … [Read More...]

Christmas Tree fence


How to keep out a one year old... build a Christmas tree fence!  First I had to get the picture in my mind out on paper... Once again my husband thought I was nuts!  Down to the wood shop (basement) we went.  We used old tobacco stick to make the fence. This kid is really killing me this year with the pictures!   … [Read More...]

DIY Kit: Wooden Banner


Make beautiful wooden banners for the holidays and then flip them over and use them for another occasion!  This DIY kit includes 10 wooden flags, predrilled with 2 holes on each one.  6 feet of twine is also included to hang your banner.  Simply paint the flags and add letters by painting or stamping if you choose.  Feed the twine through the holes and you are finished!! … [Read More...]

DIY Kit: Tobacco Stick Christmas Tree


YOU can make a beautiful tobacco stick Christmas tree in 10 minutes with this DIY kit.  Each set is made from an old tobacco stick.  These sticks were used to dry tobacco leaves in North Carolina.  The tobacco sticks are cut to various lengths and then a hole is drilled in each end.  Twine is included to attach the pieces.  Colored ribbon can also be used but is not included.  Simply feed the twine up one end of the tree and back down the other. … [Read More...]